After market Motor + Belt drive for Verdier

I have been looking to upgrade my TT motor and belt drive for some time now. I use a Nouvelle Verdier and its only sore point is its motor and silk thread drive. It is not bad, it gets the job done. The sound is neat and in general non-offensive. However, when I used a 0.25 inch magnetic tape (reel to reel) to drive the platter the overall sound became more dynamic, voices sounded younger, instruments sounded happier. It was as if the pitch of all the instruments became more realistic. But then I also heard more of the irregularities of the motor rotation, the timing of instruments messed up a little. The background was no more as clean as the thread drive.

This told me two things:
1. Silk thread is good but it affects music in a way that makes the performance a bit sleepy.

2. The stock motor is not good enough to accommodate a tighter coupling with the platter.

So, I am now looking for after market motor and belt drive solution. I looked at Teres motor but for that to work they require a sensor to be placed under the platter but my TT doesnt have enough gap between the platter and plinth to place the sensor. I am looking for some viable suggestions here.

A friend of mine suggested me to consider a flywheel between the motor and the platter which will absorb the motor irregularities. I dont know if it is worth a try because I see many good TTs do not have a flywheel, that means a good motor is all I need I guess but I am open to the flywheel idea also.
Hi Mosin,

I, for one, would be very interested to have a truly high-end controller for my belt drive turntables!

But then, do you have an estimation on the cost?
Isnt Motor controller like the Walker meant mainly for AC motors which cog ?

Yes, I think a market exists for such a product. However, for it to be truly universal (working across a variety of synchronous motors at different frequencies and possibly voltages) would require a huge effort. If one were to include adjustment of all the various parameters involved in proper motor control, the effort would be Herculean. To market such a product, and provide adequate support for it would be the embodiment of madness. In my opinion, such a product cannot by its nature be turnkey in operation, and would require an end user of sufficient technical capabilities. A nightmare waiting to happen in my opinion.
I can pull it off, but I'm not sure I want to. It would be very expensive, but very good. At least, I believe it would. I wouldn't hazard a guess as the exact price because everything I do seems to make its way into the stratosphere these days. I may build one just for kicks to see how it works outside my comfort zone. IE: other turntables besides mine. Who knows?

I realize that, so I believe the only way for it to happen would be if the maker included the motor, too. It would have to be outboard. Some choices would need to be limited, and that's one for certain. Otherwise, it is like you say, Herculean.
Hi Mosin – something a little different maybe - outside the box. is this even possible ?

I'd like an ultra high end controller only. You're not allowed to touch the manufacturer's motors. A controller that has the balls to handle the Jean Nantais Lenco; then when I clap my hands it switches its functions to handle the Verdier requirements which are at the other end of the scale; Clap a third time and it becomes a line conditioner for the DD SP10.

I can only play one turntable at a time, and they are in different rooms so it needs to be portable too.

Remember this is a wish list item. Is this too much to ask for ? Even possible electronically? I can make the clapping part optional if it helps. Will settle for a three way switch.

I agree with Palasr' post.

Embodiment of madness

imo - this can describe this hobby very well at times.