After years of separates, I'm going integrated. Anyone else do the same?

I'm rethinking my listening room. I want my audio rack to be more minimalist vs lots of boxes, wires, and clutter. I know separates, in general, will sound better. However, at the level of my system, I'm not certain the difference would be as apparent. In the grand scheme of things of Audiophilia, my level of components are mid-fi at best (BHK Pre, First Watt J2, Elac PPA-2 phono, Pro-ject s2 Dac, ZU Omen Defs)

I'm favoring one of the Luxman Class A's (I know Luxman is getting out of the Class A business. The only way I would favor a built-in Dac is if it were upgradable like McIntosh or Accuphase. I'm guessing a Luxman or Mac built-in phono would sound just as good as to what I have now (Elac PPA-2).

So the question is, who else has gone to integrated? Do you regret the move or are you glad you did?



The only integrated that I have seen lately that excites me is the Trilogy Audio. 

I had both a First Watt and XA30.8 and never could warm to either piece. I will say that Pass has among the best customer service I have encountered. 


Cayin 688r - integrated amp along with Musical Fidelity M6SACD, Focal Aria 948

Musical Fidelity A3CR dual mono integrated, A M3CR CD, VPI MKIII, ET 2.5 tonearm, Grado Sonata Reference, kit built speakers using Legacy Audio components

Technics SA-5770 integrated, SL-1200M3D KAB fully modified, NHT 2.5's and 1.5's

I'm not ready for an integrated on my main system of separates. I like it too much to even think about replacing. However, I recently purchased (thank you Craigs List) a used Hegel H160 integrated for my office system and really like it which makes me think the 390 or 590 would be really fine for a main rig. 

When I get sick of separates, I'll bet class D will be all the rage and perhaps then I'll go with an integrated of that design.