Ah Njoe Tjoeb 4000

Current system: denon cdp 1600
quicksilver line stage, aes six pacs and maggie 12s

I'd like to upgrade my cdp to Ah! Njoe Tjoeb 4000. questions:

1. would this fit well in my system?
2. does anyone have an opinion on getting rid of the pre-amp and hooking directly to the amp? will the cdp mate well with the six pacs?
3. Could I run my dvd player through the cdp in order amplify movies? thanks
1. Why not -- I assume you like the sound of that cdp
2. It will mate fine, as long as the cdp output is enough to drive those amps. Check the amps' input impedance, keep the ICs short and ask the Njoe guys directly if this can be done. I assume the Njoe has a volume control of course?
3. No. UNLESS the cdp has line inputs and source selection.
Regarding #2, the Njoe Tjoeb has provisions for adjusting the output voltage (by soldering or desoldering a pair of connections on the output circuit board), so you should have no trouble running this unit directly into your amps. Depending on the amp, it may work fine at the standard voltage, or you may need to adjust it.
There are many at Audiogon who like this player. I have owned it and was not all that impressed with it IN MY SYSTEM. I am stressing the system aspect because system synergy is very important as are listener preferences. Only you can decide if it is better for you. In my comparisons, in my system, I felt the Rega Planet original, Music Hall CD-25, Rega Planet 2000, Arcam CD73T, Cambridge Audio Azur 640C, and Consonance CD-120 all bettered the 4000. If you are considering the 4000, I would suggest you also look into any/all of these units, most of which are less expensive than the 4000.

Ive heard both good and bad. Some people want to send them in for refunds, Ive heard people sold cd players costing 5 times as much must be system dependant.Then again ive heard under controled conditions (matched levels ect) that a blind testing of 10 cd players up to 5K from 75.00, 3 panelists picked the 75.00 toshiba as having the best sound stage :) its a good player excellent detail, not smooth though.
I have 3 of these .
Best for the money. to go direct, you need good volume control and not the 50cent one onthe ah,,,but it does sound alright. Make sure to try amperex tubes to replace
stock. bass not as good as6922 but midrange kills!!
I've had mine for almost 4 years. Still love it. BUT only if you get the Amperex tubes, upsampler and the feet and powercord. Only complaint is display that cannot be read 6 feet away. I wrote a review on it a number of years ago. Do a search to find it.I've upgraded everything since then but not my Ah!
What other CD players were in your blind test? I sold my $1200 CD player and bought the little $40 Toshiba 3990 just to have something to listen to until I bought another player. I was astonished to hear that the Toshiba was better than my original player! Now I feel all mixed up about high end audio. I use it with Apogee Scintillas,CJ Evolution 2000 amps with a Supratek Chenin preamp so my system is good. I would like to know more details about your blind test. Bob