AI and the future of music

Last night’s 60 minutes featured a deep look at Google’s new AI program BARD. Frightening, yet compelling.

It got me thinking, if their AI has already read everything on the internet, and can create verse, stories, etc in seconds…What could it do for music?

‘Hey , BARD create a new Beatles like song from the Rubber Soul era, but have Paul Rodgers and Jack Bruce singing”.

“Hey BARD, create a song that will melt the heart of my new girlfriend”.


your ideas?


It is a fork path in the road for us all ...

Humanity is not socially mature and cannot use these tools without self destruction..

Any other perespective is driven by money and power hubris..

The musical creative context problem is secondary...Human want to be machine now, not male one or female one , only the perfect machine one ...

The corporate monsters controlling people want it because they will "control" it for their own interests...big pharma and big A. I. companies , military industrial complex are all driven by only one money pocket with three names , one is Blackrock.. It is not conspiracy "theory",it is trivial fact... Russia and China said no, thanks... it is not good or evil, it is stupid against more wise...

Average dude is unable to understand the maths behind A.I. and even his creators as Hinton, who know the math, underestimated human creativity and spiritual power completely ...Most engineers confuse spirit with I.Q. and confuse "soul" with "brain"... Even our brain dont work as a mere neural network... See Penrose and Hameroff..

Machine access all the internet in second, we can acess universal memory field but we must learn it before we let our body on the floor .. Machine cannot link to universal memory... ( the skelton schematics of the universal memory is hidden behind the prime numbers distribution dynamic music see Alain Connes " the music of shape " conference a the genius founder of non commutative geometry )

Contrary to what engineers falsely claim , we are immortal spirit and any machine will die in a finite amount of time : one thousand years or one million years, it is the same...A short life indeed...  😊

For musicians who sell music for a living for films, youtube, or for companies, they will loose their jobs as my translator friend loose it long time ago for mechanical translation...

Transhumanism is a religion and growing faster than traditional religion but mainly among ignorant crowds and among low level scientists workers ..

i am optimist for the next century, not fo the next 30 years... As any old grumpy man because they always miss half of the story to tell... After all, i am one now at 72... 😁


«Any machine or any man is a borrowed spirit with no soul said my divorced wife»-- Groucho Marx 🤓

«Our mother know better, they birth us»--Chico Marx anthopologist 😎

«Is there out in space a mother civilization ?»-- Harpo Marx reading comic books😎

«Why not a twin or a wife or a husband civilization to ours ? » Gummo Marx reading the same comic book🙃





if it “creates” something pleasing: So what?

However, no AI generated music should be copyrightable.

I wouldn’t take an AI too long, relatively speaking, to create music scores that cover every way to put notes together in a “song”.

That would destroy any the ability of any human to create and copyright their own music.

”AI, create 3 minute audio tracks, different from each other, that covers every permutation of arranging notes within each file”.

AI, remove all 3 minute files with more than an 80% match to existing copyrighted music files (reference allmusic or some such) “

AI — send all remaining files to US copyright office under {this name}.

AI —build list, and update list, from copyrights granted from US Copyright office.

AI — monitor all released music tracks, compare against granted copyright list.

AI — forward all matches from last statement to {my troll lawyer firm} and send out the standard form to {new music author} informing them of copyright breach.


And actually, those copyrights could be sought in any country… or all countries, then suit brought in whichever country I could pay to grant the copyrights…


bah.. change the logic a little..

AI — md5 hash all copyrighted music files referenced by one or more places like allmusic.. or just copyright offices.

then do the build files, but drop any that match the hashes from the step above.

Very interesting posts...Thanks ...

The most important line:

That would destroy any the ability of any human to create and copyright their own music.

But you forgot to say that in music , apart of being a manufactured product, than in spite of what you said :

if it “creates” something pleasing: So what?

Classical music history reflect ethical values choices not only esthetical one, in an history where is revealed human consciousness history through choices and meanings.. Indian music, persian music, african music , european music, jazz music etc ... it is called education through music...

People wil be transformed tomorrow in pleasurable seeker of sound manufactured soft or hard hearing orgasm WITH NO MEANINGS out of a stimulis set ..

"meaning is history "--- a Goethe disciple know or Collingwood disciple..

Machine had no "history" save thermodynamical and algorythmical timing and implemented design progress...


I meant as a consumer of music, the origin of the music doesn’t much matter from an enjoyment of the sound.

But the rest of the post was my critique of AI from an ethical, and practical, standpoint.