AI and the future of music

Last night’s 60 minutes featured a deep look at Google’s new AI program BARD. Frightening, yet compelling.

It got me thinking, if their AI has already read everything on the internet, and can create verse, stories, etc in seconds…What could it do for music?

‘Hey , BARD create a new Beatles like song from the Rubber Soul era, but have Paul Rodgers and Jack Bruce singing”.

“Hey BARD, create a song that will melt the heart of my new girlfriend”.


your ideas?


Do you think Geoffrey Hinton quit his job at  Google for fun ? Hinton was the genius , the man who designed this neural networks thirty years ago as they are now , do you think he quit his job and speak that A. I. is a danger for us all for  the thrill of making the news ; do you think he think as you  : " i am good with that, because A. I. was invented by people" ?


Just because AI can create music or other art does not necessarily mean it will be good or popular. But if some of it is, I’m good with that; after all, AI was invented by people.

great post thanks...

Just a word about Hinton : he is not a science fiction writer...

I thought the 60 minutes AI segment was very good. The science fiction crowd will focus in on the destruction on mankind, while the science crowd will cheer the ability to perform 1 billion PHD man hours of research in a week.


Exactly right because apart from the spiritual stakes in this game, there is a power stakes, and we know what big corporations annihilated  freedom in the last three years...

Imagine now they control A. I. ?

do you trust the like of Bill Gates ?

I dont think so... As i say i am optimistic... Criminal corparations will cease to exist in thirty years... If not we will all die..

The sad reality is that the criminal element will always exploit any advancement in technology to their advantage and our detriment. The future will be different but that doesn’t always mean better?

Music is mathematics.

Anything based on mathematics of discrete values can be computed.

AI could, in theory, compute all possible values of arrangements of those discrete units (notes and their timing).
Of the “songs” created, some will be pleasing, most will probably be displeasing, and still others will be the computed duplicate of music already created.

Probably don’t even need AI, just a really good background in music theory and requisite skill with a chosen programming language. AI will just make it easier for the … less skilled, to be able to implement “copyright” monopoly and copyright litigation farming.

Though, if AI were creating movies, maybe it could be taught to NOT create so many duplicate, derivative, boring and bland “rewrites” or “reimagining” of past works that do nothing more than change the sex, gender or skin color of the characters.

Music is and is not mathematic... Sorry for the paradox...

Music as a written or translation of sounds by marks is mathematic..

As a playing live event, it is not...

I will say it in a more deeper way :

Mathematic is music at the end , but music is never only mathematic to begin with ..


Music is linked to non commutative mathematic...And because of this as all musical qualities studied in psycho-acoustic and produced by musicians or by the speaker of any language, are not reducible to sounds in the Fourier meaning window, which is a linear commutative "country", music is related in the many culture and in Europe to ethical and esthetical FREE CHOICES that reflect and depict human evolution in a non linear Non Fourier way in a time dependant domain... ( mathematic is time independant )

History of music is anything but a meaningless history...Every choices in music reflect deep meanings at ALL LEVELS of thinking..

Then A. I. will be able to create and imitate any sounds existing, musical one included... But there will be there no ethical and no esthetical reflected choices... This history will disapear under "pleasurable meaningless imitated sounds "...

Most people are unable to read music as ethical and esthetical history... The Choices of Beethoven are meaningful even philosophically for the HUMAN RACE... not for a machine...

Imitation will kill creativity...


«Music is a NEW mathematic who wrote itself spontaneously through the gesturing producing and receptive body »-- Anonymus African musician dancing while playing Yoruba talking drum...