AI and the future of music

Last night’s 60 minutes featured a deep look at Google’s new AI program BARD. Frightening, yet compelling.

It got me thinking, if their AI has already read everything on the internet, and can create verse, stories, etc in seconds…What could it do for music?

‘Hey , BARD create a new Beatles like song from the Rubber Soul era, but have Paul Rodgers and Jack Bruce singing”.

“Hey BARD, create a song that will melt the heart of my new girlfriend”.


your ideas?


+3 @baylinor 

Problem is that kind of knowledge was given instead of learned. Big difference. Meaning any one can act as knowledgeable as any other but without doing any of the real work to get there. And in the end it always shows in the quality of the work that is undertaken.

I love this. It demonstrates the very point it's making. Baylinor had to think through the issue -- and THAT, to me, is the indispensable difference in everything. "Output" is a machine term; it only points to one phase of a sequence that begins with a human need, put in terms of a question.

I'd modify the old saying, "The only way out is through" as "The only way through is through." To quote one of my favorite philosophers: the nectar is in the journey. 

@hilde45 ”Here's what I would be on board with: AI arranging proteins to simulate pork, beef, etc. so we can stop causing so much suffering.”

amen to that. Especially the suffering part.

I did not see the sixty minutes piece, but this thread has been really fun to read!

And all you aspiring songwriters keep up the good work!

I am a retired professional illustrator. I've painted hundreds of jobs for Disney, Mattel, Dreamworks, Marvel, Universal, etc.

Just a few months ago I was shown images created by an AI program called Stable Diffusion. Some of the images are fantastic, and all created using written negative and positive prompts. Looks like I got out just in time.

Do you realize that we're now all on 'THE LIST', because Big Brother AI has read all these posts...


@rettrussell and ibmjunkman

Thanks for the 'Beatles' songs. So unexpected and welcome.