AI and the future of music

Last night’s 60 minutes featured a deep look at Google’s new AI program BARD. Frightening, yet compelling.

It got me thinking, if their AI has already read everything on the internet, and can create verse, stories, etc in seconds…What could it do for music?

‘Hey , BARD create a new Beatles like song from the Rubber Soul era, but have Paul Rodgers and Jack Bruce singing”.

“Hey BARD, create a song that will melt the heart of my new girlfriend”.


your ideas?


Listen this interview relatively short with Josuah Bengio... One of the leading A. I. designer... With Hinton and Le Cun and others..

He is right in my book...

He does not adress the spiritual danger i spoke about but almost nobody does save seers and very intuitive people... Only the material danger... Nevermind he is not sleepwalking dude whith the song which play first a the music chart right now :

" Nevermind stress and doom,any boom is progress!


It is useless to be afraid, it is more useless to never think because it could introduce fears in us , we must think to stay conscious...There is no mechanical "on" "off" button on our body where it read : "Push this button and be conscious"...



«Thinking is like walking the dog in our head, we go out of our usual way and stay away from crowdy roads»--Groucho Marx 🤓


As a side note: the only point i differ with Bengio is when he says there is no Ghost in the machine as there is no ghost in your head... I believe because i sense it that my brain is a filter not the cause of my consciousness, then any machine can be the house for a ghost; think about it that way metaphorically speaking, the machine is discrete as atoms are but the ghost is wavelike... Science is right but animist sorcerer are right too... Superstitions as useless beliefs inhabit science as religions ... Any other way of thinking is less arrogance than ignorance... Consciousness exist in a way no material object can... Read this physicist for an easy glimpse about this deep matter :

Wolfgang Smith : The vertical causation

or his other book the Quantum enigma...

He distinguishes phenomenal reality from physical measured reality, as Wolgang Pauli did when working with Carl Gustav Jung...


«Sorry , my wife is a machine with no ghost inside »-- Groucho Marx 🤓




There is, of course, an already vast library of "existing" music that cannot be taken away from us or modified.

They Can't Take That Away From Me

Some might say that it's just another example of mankind's elevated sense of self importance to even begin to think of resisting AI, nevermind still feeling superior in some mysterious way.

If the entire purpose of existence was to attempt to attain some godlike level of thought, then AI could be our shortcut.

We just need to find some way to safely fit those AI chips into our brains.

Who can guess the number of realms of ecstasy that might await us there?

At the very least, each one of us could attain a previously undreamt level of genius.

In the last 25 years chess engines have not only passed any previous level attained by any human but they getting better at a faster rate than we are.

It would appear to be true that we have been guilty of overestimating the human mind and its intelligence and those particular chickens will soon be coming home to roost.

Perhaps the invention of the pocket calculator was only the thin edge of the wedge?

We gave them an inch and they took everything.

"The future's coming fast and we can't run from it." as Billy Bragg once warned.

True genius is not mere intelligence...

A fox like Bill Gates the richest man on earth who screw us all in the last three years is not Buddha...

Beating humans on any game and recitating all knowledge of the world is not genius...

When Ramanujan discovered the thousands of mathematical formulas that nobody ever think about, and which revolutionize mathematics,  because they were towering complexities, with NO DEMONSTRATION about their truth for any of them , Hardy and Littlewood ask him how in the world he could even imagine as true so complex formulas ? He answered, Namagiri the knowledge goddess taught him about them each night... And he was speaking only truths in his life  nor sarcasms or  poetical claims  by the way...

At the times Hardy and Littlewood were the best mathematicians in the world with few others and they concluded their life works writing that there were only dwarves compared to this Indian Man who was treated in 1914 as an inferior human being from an uncivilized world by most people in England... 😊 He died at 32 years old.. Read his biography...


The goal of life is not being more intelligent , it is being more spiritual and moral being then more CONSCIOUS...

Why ?

Because all knowledge is ALREADY there but cannot be access by beast...It is the universal informative/formative field whose shadow is number theory itself and geometry ..

I believe myself only in number theory and in the source... The only ONE intelligent and conscious is the Source...Call it God ...

Then A. I. is a tool which is a trap for those of us who dont understand who they really are to begin with...


«Intelligence is way overevaluated»--Groucho Marx 🤓


If the entire purpose of existence was to attempt to attain some godlike level of thought, then AI could be our shortcut.



I had a good friend who was an engineer for one of the commerical radio stations in S.F.

He operated a pirate station for a couple years off and on, broadcasting from his home in the Richmond district, where I also lived.

We hung out in the same coffee shop and got to talking, and we both had telescopes of fairly good calibre (mine is a 6" russian Mak-Newt). So we did a couple of viewing events at his place.

Anyway in the coffee shop one day, talking about astronomy and chances of life in the Universe, he stated there were definitely aliens. He said they were already on the planet. I asked which cities, he said all major cities. I asked if S.F.? He said yes. I asked where are they. He said amongst us. I asked: in this coffee shop right now? He said yes.

That’s when I started wearing my aluminum foil hat and underpants to bed every night, and I haven’t had a port probe since!