AI (Audiogon Intelligence)

AI tools are popping up everywhere to help provide reliable answers to people’s questions.  Users here could really benefit by not having to go elsewhere for that. I say Audiogon, make it so! How about you?


ChatGPT is fine on topics where it has a vast amount of data. Ask it a question on something niche and can just as easily make sh*t up as give you the right answer.

Literally, it can just invent an answer that isn't true. It is getting better but it could be a while before it can be trusted.

Come to think of it, it has traits very similar to some forum members here. (just kidding)

I presented Chat GPT with the classic "Beatles vs Stones" question the other day.  Chat GPT is clearly a Stones fan.  I guess I must have pushed a little too hard on my strong Beatles preference and pissed it off.

Alexa instructed my Samsung refrigerator to set the temperature at 17 degrees and froze everything, put my LG washer in the spin cycle at 2AM, opened and shut my garage door endlessly, and overcharged the Tesla catching the garage on fire.  

I'm just glad I didn't ask: "What is a paragraphic frequalizer?"

I asked chat Gpt


does audiogone forum need chat gpt?


Whether Audiogon forum needs a chatbot like ChatGPT would depend on various factors such as user engagement, community needs, and the platform's goals. ChatGPT could potentially enhance user experience by providing quick answers to common questions, facilitating discussions, and offering personalized recommendations. However, it's essential to assess whether implementing such a feature aligns with Audiogon's objectives and whether it would positively impact the forum's community dynamics

Here’s an example of not resdy

My Q

Are all streamers the same. After all bits are bits.


While it's true that streaming involves transmitting digital data (bits), not all streamers are the same. Streamers differ in terms of content, style, personality, audience engagement, and overall streaming experience they provide. Bits may be the basic unit of data, but the way they are utilized and presented varies greatly among different streamers.