AI (Audiogon Intelligence)

AI tools are popping up everywhere to help provide reliable answers to people’s questions.  Users here could really benefit by not having to go elsewhere for that. I say Audiogon, make it so! How about you?


Here’s an example of not resdy

My Q

Are all streamers the same. After all bits are bits.


While it's true that streaming involves transmitting digital data (bits), not all streamers are the same. Streamers differ in terms of content, style, personality, audience engagement, and overall streaming experience they provide. Bits may be the basic unit of data, but the way they are utilized and presented varies greatly among different streamers.

One more and chat GPT waxed prosaic  BAM


ChatGPT 3.5



Do expensive power cables make a difference?



The effectiveness of expensive power cables is a subject of debate among experts. Some argue that they can improve sound or image quality in audio and video systems by reducing interference, while others believe any difference is minimal or nonexistent. Ultimately, it often comes down to individual preference and the specific setup of the audio or video system.

I have tried the 3 AI platforms asking about are specific releases of albums are all analog AAA.   They have a lot of hallucinations on this question.  But always worth asking 

When AI achieves the following I would consider it, but it's still a long way off.



Q:  Does a chicken have lips?



A:  No, but it has cheeks.



I heard a lecture yesterday by Jennifer Heimberg.  She is the Program Director of The National Acadamies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine in DC.  She talked about many of the positive benefits of AI but also some of the alarming issues.  One is that AI has lately been creating scientific papers, completely bogus, but with all the proper look, to justify a possible outcome.  The other conclusion I took away is that AI confirms confirmation bias.  If you want it to justify an opinion that you have formed, it will just that, but it tends not to give an unbiased presentation.