Air conditioning for audiophiles.

I live in a small city apartment which gets pretty hot in the summer. My window air conditioner is fairly noisy(it's supposed to be one of the quieter frigidaire models.)

However I cannot in any way shape or form enjoy the subtleties of my music or stereo soundtracks of movies. I might as well be a kid again listening to Cousin Brucie on a transiter radio. People have suggested the Vornado fan which helps if it's not too hot but as you know it can get to a point where a fan just blows hot air around.

ChillWell is a small portable air conditioner which is supposedly very quiet and cools your personal space which is all I need when I'm listening seated in one place.

It is doing a lot of heavy promotion with a cheap price. But whenever I try to look up reviews they all look like PR blurbs.

Anybody have any experience with this item?



If you use a box fan make sure you exhaust air to the outside. And on low they are fairly quiet


FYI,  I have a one ton Mitsubishi split that instead of taking up wall space like a hotel unit, is installed between the rafters and all I see is a plastic grill in my ceiling.  Anyway it was expensive, but is fairly quiet on it low and medium speeds. It does good job of cooling and an OK job of heating the 330 square foot room it’s in.


I have the Mitsubishi split system and it is quiet enough for me to enjoy my music.  The following link is from PS Audio where Paul lambastes his LG mini split.   "What are the best air conditioners for music rooms?"

@rlj I just watched that video.  I don't know what's wrong with Paul's LG unit, but my Trane ductless split is whisper quiet.  I only can hear the fan in "turbo" mode.  It does a great job of cooling, dehumidifying and heating my basement man cave.  It's the best single thing I spent money on for my system, since what good is a great system if you either have to sweat when listening to it, or accept a noisy window a/c as background noise?  It's pretty efficient, too.  It is cheaper to run on dehumidifier mode than my stand alone dehumidifier.  I run it all summer here in hazy, hot & humid New Jersey.  


I will say that the Trane replaced a Fujitsu that never worked well, was too small for my space, and died after about 6 years.  I think it was never charged correctly in the first place.  The lesson is, stick with an experienced installer that will do the job right and be there for service after the install.