AIR'S "10000Hz Legend".

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I think, the record is so bizzre, surreal, artistic, stunning, awsome, creative, out of this world that it deserves to be mentioned and recommended. One thing is certain: The music is anything but boring and deserves to be in your collection. A must for techno fans. Any takers?

I love the piano and acoustic guitar and bass layering along with futuristic elecronic notes and hushed vocals. And the lyrics: Fascinating!!
Nilthepill-I thought it was quite a mediocre album in relation to their previous two however sometimes when you hear an artist for the first time the impact of that particular album is hard to shake,therefore you may not find this to be the case.
Moon Safari is more mellow less edgy more original and to my tastes more complete.
I think some of the dancier/hardcore elements of the new one have been executed better by other artists (Chemical Bros.,Orbital etc.)...
Their new one is similar in some ways to their Vigin Suicide soundtrack in their quieter moments,strangely I found that soundtrack very very (in parts)like DSOM by Pink Floyd.
But hey if you enjoy it,enjoy it.
This is one of the BEST Albums of 2001 along with Radiohead 's "Amnesiac".Airs 1st hit was Sexy Boy a trance dance song I can do without also Radio #1 is better but same.Virgin Suicides Album=Pink Floyd?10'000 HZ Legend Beyond anything Pink Floyd has done in some time.R Head and Air are leading the way Big time! Basically These Bands are FRESH Progressive Rock in the true since of the word.\ of 2001.Open your mind on these 2 Albums.BOTH on Vinyl also and sound Great!Both will test your systems Bass output,Mids and Highs.Acoustic to all out Tasty Rock at its CURRENT BEST !.I'm all Tube by the way.56 years old with an open mind.Have 1000's of Vinyl and Cd's.Old Jazz,Tons of Blues/Rock,50's.Brit Invasion.and Psych and Prog Rock.Also included in my collection is a handfull of Albums that made the TOP 40!Listen to The MUSIC!! NOT Equipment!!Air 10'000 is a very interesting and quirky album.Beck guests on a couple.Even a song about a Country for ya.A\The Air and Radiohead albums are NOT to be missed if you are into Music! So THERE !!By the Way I saw Air at The Mayham Theater In LA on their current Tour 2 nights straight and they stretched out and put on a great show.A Little Sex Born Poison Anyone?
I Reaaaaaaallly don't know what bigjim is talking about. If this makes him sick to stomach, then I really his taste in music. Thanks Ben_Campbell for the background info. This album is edgier without being in your face ala Chemical brothers recent outings( although I loved there last) Orbital, I have been buying and enjoying faithfully. No regrets.

No, the more I listen to this album the further it soldifies its position in MY top very few (less than .5% of 500 some CDs I have)favorites that are eligible to be buried with me in my grave. The very few includes the Radio head, The future sound of london, few Jazz and classical perormances. Trust me on this. THIS IS A KEEPER.
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