AirBlade Speaker - wow

The next generation of a loudspeaker driver.. What a cool design... Has anybody incorporated these into their speakers?

Has anybody heard one?


The Airblades are a variation of the Heil AMT (Air Motion Transformer) design.  In the '70's I owned a pair of ESS AMT-1B speakers that used a Heil AMT speaker as the midrange and tweeter.  It also had a 12" woofer and 12" passive radiator. Check out the below link. I paid $700 back in the '70's. The Heil AMT sounded great. The cabinet for the woofer and radiator was the weak link.


Thanks @cycles2 ,Those look cool! I wonder if they put an active sub in there, if it would improve... I would think the AMT would be fast and the low end slow to keep up...

@sc2  I owned the ESS AMT-1B speakers for a long time as I used them in a 2nd home up until about 4 years ago when I sold them.  I re-foamed the 12" woofers a couple times and replaced the 12" radiators.  Always loved the sound of the Heil AMT.  You're right, the Heil AMT's are fast so you'd want a fast sub like a REL. The crossover frequency of the AMT 1B speakers is 800Hz, so you'd need a sub capable of good response a bit beyond 800 Hz and possibly a crossover assuming you can't feed the Heil AMT's full frequency. You can find Heil AMT's in good shape on eBay for under $500, so for someone with a REL or other fast sub, they could prototype a rig for about $600 including purchasing the Heil AMT's and a DIY crossover. If the results are good, then add a 2nd sub and xover and you're all set.

Jim Salk at Salk Sound made an active speaker using these Arya products and Purifi woofers. 

The overall sound was apparently excellent but very cost prohibitive. You can read the posted thread but the general impression I interpret from Jim is that they are not worth the premium over using the Satori Beryllium driver on his SS9.5s.


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