Airplay vs Ethernet - tidal

Does airplay allow all the quality tidal offers to flow thru the air or is use of Ethernet preferred?

seems tidal is better thru Roon, where it is easier to get a tidal interface more inline with the tidal ap, which is accessible via Ethernet.

streaming box interfaces like heos and BluOS are dreadful and horrifying to deal with.  So thankful Roon exists.  Not sure if the nucleus is worth getting as it seems my desktop located elsewhere in house works fine (have to keep desktop on all the time which is not ideal).
No Shairport-Sync or BlueTooth for me.
The only thing horrifying here is the thought of shelling out $120/year for no increase in SQ.
I can confirm that AirPlay is 16/44.1.  It is better than bluetooth but it is better if you can stream via wifi or even better, a hard wired connection.  
Bluetooth APTX is 24 bit if I'm correct.  You can definitely hear the difference if you source is up to it.  Even the Audio Engine is nice.  Chord Hugo is really nice.