Airtunes dropouts with Mac mini to Airport Express

I just got my Mac mini (2 GHz)hooked up to the airport express (wireless N version). I am having audio dropouts every few minutes - very annoying. Anybody have same problems? How do you guys fix this?

Right now I have the Airport Ex configured to join my network. The wireless router is b/g/n version. The airport in one room below the mac mini.


"I stopped using the AE for my main system, went to a long cable. I know that is not practical for everyone. Still use the AE for background music setups and live with the drops."

Is the long cable you use USB, mini-jack, or ethernet? I am thinking of bypassing the wireless headache. If I use a long USB or mini-jack cable from the Mac Mini to the DAC in the room below (not using airport express at all) then I will have no sound on the Mac mini when I use it for other stuffs and itunes at the same time. Ethernet cable down to the airport express may be the other way (dont know if this will work with airtunes).

This PC audio is a headache!
With all these report of dropouts, how do you get a stabel system? Connect the Mac directly to the DAC (long cable to other room) using USB or mini-jack, or connect long ethernet cable from Mac to airport express?

Moving the Mac into the listening room is not a great idea since I dont have a minitor there so maintenance the itune library/sytem would be a nightmare.
Droputs are difficult because they are not always caused by things within your control, eg. neighbours. I suggest you use wired over wireless whenever possible if you have persisting problems. I've run ethernet cables through my house and all problems are solved. The cables are not expensive pre-terminated. Howwever, to save money, you can also make your own custom cables pretty easily too with some cable, jacks and a simple connector tool, all from Home Depot.

I use a 9ft USB cable from a G5 Mac to a USB DAC through two walls into the main system (living room)

your concern about the mac mini sound is likely when you are in front of the mac mini right? I use my computer in my office with another set of powered speakers in that room-I can either use mini-jack(analog) or the Toslink to a separate DAC. You just need to select the output choice in the Audio Preferences or the Audio MIDI setup - the USB DAC shows up as an option in the output menu. Pretty easy to set up. So in my set up itunes is either playing in the office or the living room, not both when using the digital outputs. I can use the headphone out (mini-jack) and have sound going to Toslink simultaneously. But on my computer USB and mini-jack do not work simultaneously. BTW: older G5 PPC dual proc. OS 10.4.11

I am pretty sure you cannot use the ethernet from computer to AE for music.

hope that helps. send me a PM if you need more details.