Album cd or LP with best bass for new subwoofer

There's a new M&K MX-5000 subwoofer coming my way, and I'd like to go crazy with some bass emphasized music (classical/rock/jazz)....what's your favorite ?

I've already lined up the Deja Vu album by CS&N for that one song with very heavy bass line.

Other suggestions, please??
anything by patrick o'hearn, dirty vegas. frankie goes to hollywood in particular the 45 rpm version relax. patricia barber material taxes my subs along with tracy chapman stuff. kurt
If you're not "squeamish", a disc by a band called "Master" entitled "Faith is in Season". This is hard metal with "shocking" pictures and lyrics. Other than completely rocking you to the bone, the kick drums will have your woofers flailing about at a rapid pace the entire length of the disc. As a side note, this is very fast and tight bass that allows you to check transient response of the woofers themselves along with verifying the amount of control that your amplifier has over them. This is NOTHING like the slow, bloated, ill-defined mud that many other "bass heavy" recordings demonstrate. Due to the high average power levels, this WILL get your woofers and amplifier "warmed up" rather rapidly when playing at volume.

Another good disc for reference purposes is the Burmester CD Volume III. Not only does this have a pipe organ track, there is another track of very potent highly percussive large diameter drums. As such, the surge power required on demand at such a low frequency can be VERY high, causing both amplifier clipping and potential woofer damage due to the resultant "instantaneous thrust" that results.

Either of these discs can hurt your system. Proceed with caution and start off with the volume at a reasonable level. Sean