Album cd or LP with best bass for new subwoofer

There's a new M&K MX-5000 subwoofer coming my way, and I'd like to go crazy with some bass emphasized music (classical/rock/jazz)....what's your favorite ?

I've already lined up the Deja Vu album by CS&N for that one song with very heavy bass line.

Other suggestions, please??
Not to return to the canonical Jennifer Warnes again, but I seem to recall that there is a track on _The Hunter_ that features a digeridoo (if I can spell at 8:30 AM). That goes pretty low...
Lustmord-Places Where The Black Stars Hang
Michael Stearns-The Lost World
Dub music such as Adrian Sherwood-Never Trust A Hippy, Creation Rebel-any album, various artists-Planet Dub is great for deep dub basslines
The opening bars of Das Rheingold will shake your house to its foundations. This sustained pipe organ pedal point will most definitely shiver your timbers.
RETURN TO FOREVER the romantic warrior,track # 6, deul of the jester & the tyrant has staggering good bass,stanley clark always amazes me on the bass.
i really like the kick drum on Pink Floyd's the Wall. Try "Hey You" hell the whole album rocks!