Album Storage

Curious how everyone stores their Albums?
I mean do you store it by genre, alphabetize? I’m sure most alphabetize them, but do you do it by the name of the Album or artist & if it’s by artist what would you do with Jethro Tull & James Taylor, go with the “J” or the “T”?
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By assigned number, generated when the album is cataloged in the Collector data base program. Most albums are stored in the dry basement on shelves. About 100 titles are in the music room at any one time. Since in total I have about 10,000 albums, all type of media, one day the basement will need its own basement.

Completely unorganized! (Seriously). This way I can go to my "record store" anytime and find something new. (I have thousands of cds and lps). Even better, I get to buy the same piece over and over if I forget I own it!
By genre, & then alphabetical, by last name of the artist, or composer in the case of classical music. Personally I have it divided by 6 genres: classical, jazz, rock/pop, blues, country, & comedy.

You could look at the film version of "High Fidelity", where John Cusak has some super-involved system for storing his LP's, & then changes it after his G/F leaves, to some other crazy system based on his personal history I think. The guy is real dedicated tho, has all of his LP covers in outer poly sleeves, etc.....

Isn't it fun to be a demented music nut/collector? :-)