Album which you have listened to most?

We all have favourites and we all keep going back to them every now and then. Some maybe permanently lying next to our systems and have been for years.

Is there an album or two or three at the most which gets most of your attention and is played on your system most often? Not necessarily the best sounding but the one which you are emotionally attached to.

I thought I would ask for a single album but to make it easier for all you may name three of them.

If you have have had the album for more than five years, it qualifies for inclusion here.

The reason I decided to post this message is because I am interested in buying something interesting and if there are only ten people responding it means 30 albums for me to be on the lookout for.

Thanks a lot for your input (if you have read this far I know you will post your three albums also) :-)
Great topic--not necessarily the "best" but the most played.

1) Rain Dogs by Tom Waits. This is probably most people's intro to Waits. It was 1991, and I was 17 and a senior in high school. In a time before internet when some of us were vainly trying to seek out something truly special, this was a godsend.

2) Pod by The Breeders. I've listened to every Pixies album over and over, including b-sides. I still haven't listened to them nearly as much as their bass player's (Kim Deal) first foray as a front person. For those who follow studios/producers/technicians, this was done in Steve Albini's studio. He considers it one of his best studio efforts, for what it's worth. It's sort of a dreamy post-punk cross between Pixies and Throwing Muses. I had to listen to it many times before I realized I liked it let alone LOVED it.

3) The Facts of Life by Black Box Recorder. If you like the dream-pop sub-genre of brit-pop, it doesn't get any better. I accidentally left this in my mother's travel agency one day, and she and her boss listened to it for days. They also never tired of it. I don't know what it is, but it never feels over-played.
drive-by truckers.....dirty south
bruce.....born to run
the who......... who's next
Some Springsteen record..usually pre-1990

Bill Evans Waltz for Debby or Sunday at the Village Vanguard

Bach's Brandenburg Concertos or Cello Suites (or Beethoven Piano Sonatas

Tough to limit this to three + !