Albums you do not get...a plea for help and understanding

So like most of you (I bet), I listen to tons of music.  But there are just some albums I never learned to appreciate.  I hope this thread can serve as a teaching tool.  I did not get Mingus at first but now he is one of my favorites.

Perhaps ending each post with, "What am I missing?" would be a good idea.

I will start with Graceland by Paul Simon.  Most of my friends call me crazy (still after all these years...OUCH that was bad) but I never desire to listen to this record.  I get the African influence and rhythm but it just does not impress me.  Alternatively when Peter Gabriel did the African influence thing I found it stunningly good. Paul Simon as a musician impresses me in his other works.  What am I missing?


Back in the Fall on 1977, I was in the back seat of a friend's car, getting a ride home from high school. The radio was playing and someone said, "Hey, this is Queen's new song. Turn it up!"

"We Will Rock You" was playing. Stomp, stomp, clap... stomp, stomp clap... along with Freddy Mercury, coming out of the 6x9 inch speakers, inches from the back of my head. Then the feedback of Brian May's guitar started coming through, building up to that first power chord, and that mean sounding guitar!. It was the first time I'd heard it and was quite simply, in awe. What is coming next here? How do you top that?

Then the opening lyrics of "We Are The Champions" started.

Total buzz kill! Literally! You're kidding me, right? One of my first anticlimactic experiences.

What am I missing?

Brad Mehldau = zzzzzz. Kenny G = barf. 
Most screaming singer metal "music" = aargh.
Rap "music" = wtf? Most country music = yawn.
Post 461 Clapton studio albums = why? 

Post Who Are You? Who = again, why?
Paul McCartney solo albums after Ram = really?
et cetera...

I can’t understand anything by the Grateful Dead. And I really tried, even working at one of their concerts as security no less (UMaine April 1983). Worst concert ever. Never met a fan who wasn’t insufferable. Am I the only one who thinks they all sing off key?


As for a single specific album, Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band - Trout Mask Replica.  Rubbish.