Aleph Owners - Temp issues ?? 90F

Have hot room in summer (abt 90F)
Better I look elsewhere (Class a tube amplifiers) instead of aleph ?
It appears they have a temp protection just in that area, correct ?
I live in Phoenix. I use my Alephs Oct-May. I use my Rowland & Aragon in the summer.....
I live in Tucson, Az and use my Aleph 4 (500 watts continuous) all the time. Its worth it, its so sweet, smooth and fast. I bought a $12 110v whisper fan that sits on some padding (to make sure its quiet) which sits on a brick behind the amp, to bring it up to the level of the top surface of the amp. Although the amp is very hot to the touch, the surface of the shelf above (4" away) is barely warm. You can't hear the fan nor see it (unless you get down and look).