Alexx and Lamm ML1?

Getting a pair of Wilson Alexx (min 50W). My room is 12 by 24’. Will my beloved Lamm ML1 (90W) be able to get the best out them?
What first separates real life sound and reproduced sound is dynamics. You want to approximate as much as possible. As great as Lamms are they cannot do it. As for other elements, like timbre, Lamm might win. So..?
I would say much depends on what kind of music you mostly listen to and your priorities. It would be very tough choice for me if cost no object or almost no object.
Just try the M2.2 instead, Vladimirs design for low impedance speakers.

manufacturers always say their gear works with anything so discount them. Dealers know better usually.
I guess I’d ask you naysayers  what you are using on your Alexx.  The OP is right to try his current amp just to see. He may just love it. What’s best is a personal opinion not an absolute.  Urowolf please let me know your results I’m very interested in what you think. 
Wilsons work quite well with many different amps, but if you want the very best, defined by you as very best overall, then it becomes a challenge to choose. I envy you, anyway, whatever you eventually end up with.
"I guess the proof is in the pudding. Will have to try them with ML1’s. We can always cross the bridge later if it comes to it. Fingers crossed."

Yes, just try the pairing and decide yourself. If the listening result is not satisfactory (Your taste/preferences) with the Lamms, move on to the high current transistor amplifiers as others have recommended. The Alexa do represent a somewhat challenging speaker impedance curve.