Alignment tool for SME V + Shelter

I've always relied on DB Protractor through multiple tonearm iterations, but was wondering if I could seek a recommendation from the board on a more accurate tool.

Setup is currently an SME V with Shelter 90x (which I believe has an IEC compliance stylus tip to mounting point?), but am getting a smidgen of sibilance on some inner tracks. I know that the Shelters aren't killer trackers, but I'm sure I could do better.

Am considering a MINT LP or Feickert.

Thanks in advance.
I use the Mint-LP and think it's a brilliant tool. It allows a precision of setup that I don't think the Feickert's more conventional grid alignment method could match.

However, as you no doubt realise, the SME V cannot be adjusted for effective length because of it's unslotted headshell mounts. Thus an arc protractor such as the Mint-LP will be limited to cartridges with the same mount to stylus tip dimension for which the specific arc is drawn.

The Feickert on the other hand has more universal application (assuming one has an arm where the pivot point can be precisely located).
If you have (or plan to have) a number of cartridges of varying mount-stylus distances the Mint-LP approach would be impractical with the SME.

IMO, if you plan to keep the SME for a while, the sonic worth of the Mint-lp's precision alignment could well justify getting another template made (should that be necessary for your next cartridge).
The SME V has a sliding base in order to provide for proper stylus overhang adjustment without the necessity of slotted headshell mounting holes. The SME V design philosophy is to have a completely rigid tonearm wand (which is also the reason the headshell cannot be rotated for azimuth adjustment.)

Supposedly, the SME V alignment templates provide for obtaining the proper stylus overhang, but I find them inexact (to say the least!) It's much easier to use a small thin metal millimeter scale placed carefully on the spindle with the other end supported on a rubber eraser or some such. Then with the anti-skating OFF, it's easy to set the stylus on the metal scale and rack the tonearm base back and forth to achieve precise stylus overhang right at the spindle.

After that it's relatively easy to use a DB or other protractor to adjust the cartridge parallel to the protractor gridlines at two points.
Hi all,To use DerTonarm metaphor:'you think your stylus is in New York but your stylus is actualy in Washington'.
According to Yip (Mint LP)spindle diameter varies from 6,9 to 7,3 mm.BTW he asks 2 digit accuracy by the measurement:
So 'exit universal protractors'?. I.e. if the premise is true.