all about pc and audio thoughts ...

i most share with you all here my little experince with combinations of pc and audio.
im love music and i have expensive hifi system devore fidelity nines speakers and leben cs600 amp and used cary cdp1 has asource.
i live in israel and im read alot of all pc audio things programm like amarra ,foobare j.river. asio for all drivers and waspi and more...
i talk with expert in pc and he say to me that it cant be any proggram that make the sound better ?
and i like to how is the best way to do rip for all my cds in home do i need specials proggram?
and any suggest for pc or if i used mini pc like zotac small and i used only the pc in usb port
any suggestions for proggram or pc or dac to win my old cd player cary cdp1 ??
Jplay and Jriver is the best current combo for PC, however the right version of Amarra on Mac still beats it IMO.

One must be careful of using not only the best playback software, but the best CD ripping software as well, dbpoweramp/Accurate Rip with PC and XLD with Mac.

Here are some more tips (no advertising):

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Realremo - JRiver does have a memory playback option. It does it on a track by track basis. Loading up a track takes negligible time and is done at the very end of the last track and during the gap. This method means the amount of memory available on a system is not a limiting factor, except for very long tracks. It supports kernel streaming and WASABI and has WASABI Event Mode, which is a version optimized for aysync USB DACs.
The only reason jplay might prove beneficial is if you are doing a lot of processing on the audio prior to D->A on the computer that's under powered. Other than that there's nothing that reading the disk periodically will cause problems. In fact, I can see where jplay would have adverse affects on a system that's not properly configured or just has too much crap loaded in memory - like a lot of systems, out of ignorance to what's going on.
One thing Jplay definitely does do in iTunes is utilize WASAPI and Kernel Streaming, which iTunes does not do, at least not in its most current version. The sound quality upgrade on my system is significant. Foobar: won't recognize AIFF files, cannot display album art...and J.River was hard to work with on my laptop, too many options, couldn't get sound out of it for some reason, but I was probably just impatient, and will try it out again someday. It's true that this is my work laptop and I am running programs that are memory intensive, like 3dsMAX and photoshop, while playing music, this is not a dedicated music laptop. Jplay makes a massive improvement in SQ in my situation.
Dtc - did not know that about JRiver, not sure if memory playback is as important on a PC as WASAPI and/or kernel streaming, as we must avoid the windows audio mixer. I do think JRiver would be an excellent product, but just not for me. I have owned an iPod for 8 years, use it extensively at work, and using JRiver for home audio while maintaining iTunes for iPod support was too much for me. Much simpler to just get Jplay so iTunes can utilize kernel streaming. I suppose it's possible for JRiver and iTunes to use the same library of lossless music, but did not investigate this option as it would needlessly complicate my life. I already have enough tech-based stress.