All Amps Sound the Same....

A guy posted this on another forum:

"This is my other expensive hobby and while I agree with you about low end receivers, once you get to mid-priced (~$600-1000 street price) multichannel receivers you're into pretty good gear...Keep in mind that an amplifier sounds like an amplifier and changing brands should add or subtract nothing to/from the sound and that going up the food chain just adds power output or snob appeal to a separate amplifier...These days most audiophiles either use a good quality multichannel receiver alone or use a mid-priced multichannel receiver to drive their amps even for 2-channel."

Wow, where do they come up with this? Lack of experience?
If the history I've read is correct, the big magazines refused blind testing after one of them tried it on a range of amps and found that they couldn't reliably tell the expensive ones from the cheap ones.

That's not the same thing as saying they sounded the same, but it might hold true today that your ears alone won't drive you to prefer a costlier amp or a new amp over a vintage amp.
Russ 69:

while the quote you have chosen is preposterous, it illustrates how ignorant people are.

one should not make statements about component differences without some evidence.
It's not that the original quote is necessarily all that far off, as Onhwy61 explained.

The attitude however is know-nothingish, and that's the last thing this planet needs.

In addition, it does make a difference whether your amp is built by robots, corporate slave labor, or technicians and engineers that really care about their amps.

So in the end, there is plenty wrong with the quote after all, without even entering into the obvious experience that we've all had when we finally got our hands on a fine amp.
Most non audiophiles and non music lovers wouldn't hear a difference . Everyone is entitled to there own opinion , even if it is lame .