All ARC vs All Pass Labs vs All CJ system compare

Has any body compared a complete analog set from each of the manufactures?

Have they all ended up evolving to the same sound profile

clear, noise free, detailed, wide soundstages ?

I have a friend with an all ARC and my bet is the sound profiles/house are very close 

just wondering , so many options , so little time, not enough money




A very silly question with an obvious answer. Here's another question: Why is it that no one can spell manufacturers.?


Your response has struck me wrong 

Pretty snarky all the way around

I asked because, I wanted to know 

I did not know that you ruled & were all knowing 


ps: yes ,I can spell





I wish it were so easy. Most components interact differently with the speaker and or room. Especially the amplifier and preamplifier! For instance in a demo with Thiel CS2.4 's the Conrad Johnson sounded nice with a tube warmth but a VTL 5.5 won out to my ears with its more immediate sound presence. Cary was much too syrupy. Who knows though as it may be great with the best matching drivers. I believe amplifier was a entry level krell solid state stereo model because that's what I owned at the time. Was lucky enough to hear Thiel at a friends house with top of the line Audio Research with Classe solid state and and didn't care at all for the sound. It could have been the room acoustics playing a part as well 

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