All ARC vs All Pass Labs vs All CJ system compare

Has any body compared a complete analog set from each of the manufactures?

Have they all ended up evolving to the same sound profile

clear, noise free, detailed, wide soundstages ?

I have a friend with an all ARC and my bet is the sound profiles/house are very close 

just wondering , so many options , so little time, not enough money





That makes sense !  
Are output the tubes the primary “ tube sounding “ device ?

Or , will input tubes offer the same “ tube sounding” , if mated with a solid state amp of the “manufacturer “



Good analysis @jjss49. @ghdprentice I think you meant to write ‘Rogue,’ not ‘Rouge’ since we’re talking about manufacturers, not face makeup or French for ‘red., (Sorry, I couldn’t resist the urge to correct an error that could as likely be attributed to a spell-check function, as could the offending ‘manufactures.’)

  @oldrooney   It’s “manufacturers,” not “manufactures.”  Manufactures is a verb and manufacturers is a noun.  Sorry, I couldn’t resist either — heh heh.  @roxy54 This one’s for you.  

@soix I was referencing the earlier comment by @roxy54 by intentionally mis-spelling the word because it had offended him. It was my ‘one for him.’

As above, those are (3) distinctive companies/house sounds. Luckily, ARC and CJ match well with a Pass Labs power amp.


Happy Listening!