All-in-one integrated, 10-15K range, class A/B only

For a second system. I want to buy a SS all-in-one integrated. At least 200W in 8ohm.

When I say all-in-one means it has to have DAC built-in (preferable a very nice DAC commensurate to the price point of the system). I would highly prefer a streamer built-in as well.

Am super excited about the new Boulder 866. It seems to be the only one satisfying all the criterion.

Another option could be the Accuphase E-800 with DAC module (but no streaming).
DAG Progression but it crosses 18K without DAC.

Any other options?
I am not interested in anything Class-D. It has to be Class A/B amplifier.

Speakers are TBD as well.

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You could have had a Kora High Fidelity TB400. 

One of the best amps very few have heard