All in One Integrated Amp or dac streamer plus amp - around 5k to 6k USD

iam looking for all in one integrated amplifier  OR  wirless (AC) streamer plus dac  in the around 5k - 6k

1. goldnote I 1000
2. micromega m100
3. primare prisma i35
4. simaudio moon 340ix with mind 2 streamer
5. NAD M32  with blueos 2i card
6. used Hegel H360 
7. used devialet expert 220 pro
8. used lyngdorf tdai-2400
9. used ayre ex-8 plus goldnote DS-10
10. used L-505uXII plus dac streamer

basically looking to drive totem tribe tower speakers  whose specs are 
impedance - 4 ohms
Sensitivity - 89DB
Recommended Power - 50 - 200 W
Frequency Response - 30 Hz - 30 kHz

i like my highs/treble - crisp and sharp. dont like the description of warm,musical,sweet which means soft or rolled off on highs
lows - good weight and speed and punchy

folks - please help share your experience or knowledge and comparisons

hope this discussion can be a good reference point for folks navigating products in this space and in this price range.

appreciate your help and responses
Recently heard the new Cambridge Audio Edge A w/a pair of Rockport Audio speakers. Very powerful and rated down to 2 ohms.
I find the Gold Note IS-1000 to significantly outperform the Devialet 220 and the Ayre EX-8 in terms of soundstage scale, naturalness of timbre, and overall musicality (the Devialet being unnaturally forced in terms of hardness of attack and the Ayre being a little lightweight) by comparison.

Have not used the others but have heard the Hegel h190 in another system and rate all of the units mentioned in this post as a step above it but it’s hard to be definite given it wasn’t in my system. 

I highly recommend the Naim Uniti Nova currently retails for $7500 new, if you can find a used one for around $5k and less. It is basically a streamer/DAC/integrated amp all-in-one solution. Give the Naim Uniti Nova a listen on your speakers. 
The Nova has top notch quality streamer/DAC (that's what Naim is very well known for). Although the Nova is only rated at 80 eco @ 8 ohms but it's a very stable current delivery and it will be able to drive your Totem speakers with ease and effortlessly. I've heard the Nova driving difficult loads before with no issues at all. The Naim Uniti Nova is highly musically engaging warm (but intoxicated warmth, nothing like tubey syrupy type of warmth not at all), punchy with great rhtym pace speed & timing (excels in PRAT), very full body sound with lots of weight, great mid-bass & bass definition, very rhythmic sound quality great details nuances, etc. The highs aren't rolled off.