All NEW Klipsch Jubilee Horn Speakers !... Game Changer ?...


I was at AVT and yes, the Jubilee are massive and extremely dynamic, but I never felt really engaged... fun fur a short time but nothing I could live with

I was there as well. I visited many of the listening rooms but kept coming back to the Jubilees. I was very impressed with their performance in a very small room and their ability to sound great in different listening positions. I felt very engaged.

Very impressive even though it wasn't an ideal room. The reason the speakers were in that room was the larger rooms are on the third floor. Couldn't imagine hauling them up three flights of narrow stairs. Excellent dynamics and the bass didn't overload the room. The top end horn section was powered by a 18 wpc Luxman LX-380 tube integrated. The bass section by the Luxman MQ-88C 25 wpc tube amp. More than enought power for the 108db Jubilee's. If you've got the room and an understanding wife truly exceptional speakers.

Great people over at Audio Visual Therapy.   Definitely my first choice when looking for a new toy.  . I got the invite too, wish I could have attended but had a family thing.   

They not only do a great job representing Klipsch, but they step up and take care of things in the rare event something should fail.   

Worth the trip if you are in a neighboring state, no sales tax in NH