All New Totaldac D100 Loudspeakers....The HOLY GRAIL OF SPEAKERS ?!

They say go head and compare these Totaldac D100 speakers to any other speakers AT ANY PRICE !
 These new Totaldac D100's cost UNDER $15K !
Ahh yes, yet another holy grail. I can hardly wait for you to report on the next one....
Accordion style surrounds are a no go for me!

Woofer don’t move enough for bass, kick drum, and toms’

Horn loaded HF is a no go for me as well.Love how they say they are not too expensive..?
Would love to hear a pair. 

  Those monoblocs’ look bada$$. Nice transformer size!
specs seem ok, would love to hear those on the old B&W 800 w the 15” woofer! Still remember those years back, shook my chest jamming to humble pie’s - 30 days in the hole, ac/dc’s  powerage & back in black.