All New Totaldac D100 Loudspeakers....The HOLY GRAIL OF SPEAKERS ?!

They say go head and compare these Totaldac D100 speakers to any other speakers AT ANY PRICE !
 These new Totaldac D100's cost UNDER $15K !
Ahh yes, yet another holy grail. I can hardly wait for you to report on the next one....
Accordion style surrounds are a no go for me!

Woofer don’t move enough for bass, kick drum, and toms’

Horn loaded HF is a no go for me as well.Love how they say they are not too expensive..?
Would love to hear a pair. 

  Those monoblocs’ look bada$$. Nice transformer size!
specs seem ok, would love to hear those on the old B&W 800 w the 15” woofer! Still remember those years back, shook my chest jamming to humble pie’s - 30 days in the hole, ac/dc’s  powerage & back in black.      

"Woofer don’t move enough for bass, kick drum, and toms’"
Wrong you are arcticdeth. They have been used successfully by many companies and can produce excellent bass. You're talking nonsense.