All New Treehaus Audiolab Phantom Of Luxury Open-Baffle FIELD COIL Loudspeakers Review

Many say Field Coil Speakers are the Future of Speakers !

Here’s a review, all speaker drivers have AlNiCo Magnets too ! 

The link below is not working look here for review


@jond Last year they were using their best speakers at CAF 2021, the Phantom Of Luxury speakers. This year at CAF 2022, they were using their much cheaper National Treasure Speakers. They were picked as one of the best of show at CAF 2021 Show !

BesideTreehouse , i liked Hanima set, the sound very competitive , Fantastic 



Is this really all you do? Post about the best, most awesome, end of the line speaker? Once a week?

You could save a ton of money with no loss of SQ by hopping a plane to Wichita Falls, TX and listening to the GR Research NX-Oticas or NX-Tremes.  They have open baffle totally figured out.  They only sell them as DIY kits, but they can direct you to people who will build them for you.


I wanted to like the Treehaus system.  The designer has an interesting take on things audio, both speakers and electronics, and I liked the look of his gear.  Unfortunately, each time I heard the system, at the two CAF shows, I was very disappointed with the sound quality.  Just nothing to like IMO.