All New Treehaus Audiolab Phantom Of Luxury Open-Baffle FIELD COIL Loudspeakers Review

Many say Field Coil Speakers are the Future of Speakers !

Here’s a review, all speaker drivers have AlNiCo Magnets too ! 

The link below is not working look here for review




Is this really all you do? Post about the best, most awesome, end of the line speaker? Once a week?

You could save a ton of money with no loss of SQ by hopping a plane to Wichita Falls, TX and listening to the GR Research NX-Oticas or NX-Tremes.  They have open baffle totally figured out.  They only sell them as DIY kits, but they can direct you to people who will build them for you.


I wanted to like the Treehaus system.  The designer has an interesting take on things audio, both speakers and electronics, and I liked the look of his gear.  Unfortunately, each time I heard the system, at the two CAF shows, I was very disappointed with the sound quality.  Just nothing to like IMO.

I think I heard these at the NYC audio show a couple months ago.  I went in thinking these were a bit of a joke but came out thinking they were some of the best speakers I heard that day.  I know nothing about them, but color me very impressed.