All new Yamaha YH-5000 Review !

Will some of us be replacing our Speakers for these Yamaha YH-5000 Headphones now ?...🤔😇😈



I will watch the video later but doubtful.  

I do think everyone should own a good set and A/B it with their speakers. It will helps sort out room issues and keep you grounded while playing with new speaker gear.  I have taken headphones to speaker demos before for an A/B of a know reference. I am sure I looked like an idiot but it really helps  


I have owned a large sample of the highend headphones over the last 10 years as I moved houses and did not like the sound of my room (fixed now). In the end I sold all of them off expect a pair of Etymotic ER4xr I use at the gym and a pair of Grado PS500e that are far from the best but are just interesting. 

Owning multiple top of the line headphones at the same time showed me that detail is not the be all end all, frequency response is critical, and sound stage is King. That is why they are all gone, it comes down to sound stage. I would like to say dynamics too but that can be harder to define.