All Quiet on the Oppo front?

Many Oppo fans were talking about getting their pre-ordered UDP-205's a month ago, but no new posts as to current status. I haven't heard a word. I kinda thought there would be a July release, but apparently not.

Anybody receive any news from Oppo in the past month? 

i put put the order in this morning.  I still think it to be a frivolous purchase because this will be strictly for Blu-Ray, nothing else.  I already have an Esoteric and McIntosh SACD players.   My wife knows me better than I do and she felt it would gnaw at me if I didn’t buy it.  So, I took her advice and ordered it.  
Look at it this way Stereo5... whatever you decide after you have had it a while I do not think you will lose money on it, just look at prices of pre-owned ones right now.
You truly cannot lose at all
stereo5, I am sure you will be glad you purchased one of the last 205's. I wasn't going to purchase one either since it can't stream Netflix or YouTube. I figured if I didn't like it I could sell it for at least as much as I paid for it. I am very glad I did purchase now. For me, the picture quality and sound quality is a step up over my 105D. I do have my 105D connected via HDMI IN on the 205 so I can do the streaming. I do have it connected to a 4K projector so that most likely helps. I would agree that my Esoteric K-01x is much better for CD and SACD for stereo but it can't do any video.
Just received my Oppo email day before yesterday, and ordered my 205 yesterday.   Arrives next week.