You'd like to see the form that was filled out in order to obtain the resulting data.  Could be a bias introduced by the way the questions were worded.  But that does not explain Mahler's nephew.

If this is true and I highly doubt it. This gen X obsessed with consumerism is driving up the prices for the rest of us. Stick with designer clothes. 😂 LOL

I'm very skeptical of the Luminate study. I have a hard time believing that 50% of record buyers don't have a turntable.

With the exception of mahler123's nephew, who thought that he could play the record he bought, has anyone here ever known of someone who bought records without owning a turntable? I'll even accept 2nd hand stories. So let's do our own poll. Does anyone have any firsthand knowledge that would indicate that this is true?

I think this piece of news probably falls under the category of "don't believe everything you read on the internet."