All time favorite speaker cables

I have gone through different speaker cables and seems unsettled..Somehow I look back at the past and missed speaker cables of the past that have graced my system..
do you have similar experience? are/is there all time favorite speaker cables worthy of keeping for a long long time?
the Cardas golden Hexlink 5c is one in my short list.
I, for one, love this thread because I like to learn what other people have tried. It's only a competition for people with very, very small penises. Anyhoo, I've learned from Krellman that I've *got* to find a set of Supra's to audition. My own current favorite is Harmonic Tech's Magic Reference Woofers. Since hooking them up, ear fatigue is a thing of the past. For those in the flat earth society, I'm happy to be this deluded about what these cables have done for my system. I listen twice as much now.
The reality is that cables do sound different and that for a given amp/speaker interface, one design will often sound markedly superior to another. In another set up, preferences may be very different. Many will argue that this is solely attributable to the different tonal balances of different cables and that certainly can be a factor; however, even within the family of cables produced by one manufacturer, all of which share a similar tonal balance, the cable chosen will exhibit other very audible characteristics that have nothing to do with tonal balance. In this instance, I am thinking of the differences between Jorma #1 and Prime speaker cable which have very similar tonal balances but differ in a number of other ways that are clearly audible on a number of different systems that I have heard them in.

I think that my point is that the speaker cable serves as an elctrical interface between the widely complex load that the speaker presents and the output stage of the amplifier and that certain combinations seem to work much better than others. I do agree that some amps are much more sensitive to this than others (think low power, directy heated, single ended triodes) and some relatively immune to most of these effects (think the older Krell KMA series).
Kubala-Sosna Emotion, double run
Kimber Kable 4PR - which was my first real speaker cable several decades ago
While the bright orange cords may have merit with some speaker-amplifier connections,in my system,the sound is too citrus like.

I use 16 gauge heater cord;they are brown.

Yes,I know brown is technically orange,but the heater cord imparts a darker sound to my system