All time favorite speaker cables

I have gone through different speaker cables and seems unsettled..Somehow I look back at the past and missed speaker cables of the past that have graced my system..
do you have similar experience? are/is there all time favorite speaker cables worthy of keeping for a long long time?
the Cardas golden Hexlink 5c is one in my short list.
I have auditioned a number of cables including Nordost, Cardas, Coincident, JPS, Audience, Tara Labs, Acoustic Zen, Audioquest, Transparent, Siltech and a number of others. Many of these cables do certain things well and have strengths that match certain types of systems, but I have yet to find a cable that I prefer over the Jena Labs cables.
I just went thru a whole speaker cable experience that included 10 guage Romex, Canare Quad,Clear Day solid silver,Harmonic Pro 9,Blue Circle,Cardas Golden Cross and Golden Hex 5c.

All wires had their high and low points,no real stinkers however in the end the Cardas Golden 5c were the ones I settled for.

They seemed to have the least flaws of any of the cheapest cables and were as good or better than the more expensive cables.

One thing that I noticed was how much thicker they are than the newer more costly Gold Cross.

Internally they don't seem to be anything special , just 4 runs of 3 wires for a total of 12 separate wires.
So far in my journey its the Kubala Sosna Elation followed closely by the emotion. Both these cables just produce natural magic and tone definition and detail with very quite back-ground.
The best I have heard (by a wide margin) is the Argento Flow. I haven't tried the Flow Master Reference yet but I suspect that is going to be a big improvement
Count me in for Argento Flow also!

They haven't graced my system yet but each time I hear a system with a full loom, the desire to have them grows.