All time favorite speaker cables

I have gone through different speaker cables and seems unsettled..Somehow I look back at the past and missed speaker cables of the past that have graced my system..
do you have similar experience? are/is there all time favorite speaker cables worthy of keeping for a long long time?
the Cardas golden Hexlink 5c is one in my short list.
02-08-08: Mrtennis
so far, 16 companies have been mentioned as sources of favorite speaker cables.

if the purpose of the thread is to obtain ideas for purchasing a speaker cable, how does one make use of 16 suggestions (opinions) ?
True. Everybody seems to answer with whatever they have in their system right now. Unless they give a list of all their components, the info is not very useful.

So, to your point, I'll say I've owned and used Straightwire, AudioQuest, Kimber, Monster, Tributaries, TARA, Transparent, Audio Magic, MIT, Zu, Kimber, Sony, and PS Audio.

But my absolute favorite, and what I'd cable everything in the house with if I could afford it, would be high level Transparent. It is my absolute favorite, whether you're using an integrated amp or separates, digital or LP, tube or SS, Magnepan, Martin-Logan, mini-monitors, Wilson, Vandersteen, GoldenEar, Krell, McIntosh, Classe, Audio Research, VTL, Ayre, Linn, or Peachtree, Transparent (IMO) provides the most balanced, most natural-sounding signal transfer I've ever heard.
between a krell ksa 80 and b&w 703 i have fallen in love with kimber 8tc.When i say in love i mean that i have shaved my head sold all my possession and now live at the kimber parking lot.