Allison 3 information, please

I am using my 1976 vintage, re-furbished Allison 3's as a stop-gap while I decide on a replacement for my Kharma 3.2 FEs, just sold. I am driving them with Atma-Sphere MA 2.2's, and need to know their impedance and sensitivity, as a guage for how my amps will drive difficult loads. Can anyone help? Thanks.
P.S. They sound phenomenal!!!! Too bad they're extinct.
Ekobesky, I owe you! I found a dealer who had a new pair of Allison Ones and Fours. Bought the Fours. Still compare favorably to modern designs after 30 years - although these are the 2002 re-issues. And they sit plumb against the walls - what could be better for an office? Thanks!
That's awesome! What a great score. I'm surprised these speakers didn't find an audience the second time around. Klipsch still sells a fair number of their Heritage designs and people who need a speaker that can sit flush against the wall -- but who don't like the Klipsch horn sound -- should love these. It's a shame. Anyway, congratulations on finding what may well be one of the last new Allisons. You should post a review along with some photos of them in situ.