Allison and Snell - Against the Wall

One previous trend that has vanished and I wish would re-appear is speakers designed specifically to go up against the wall.

Sometimes custom line arrays are made like this, but neither Snell nor Allison's approach required line arrays to work correctly.  Is there a brand out there now which has taken up these design ideas?
NHT made some large floorstanders back in the day that were so deep, you could have the back of them snug against the wall, and the front baffle would still be 3' out in front of it.
Wisdom Audio makes an extensive range of in or on wall speakers using line arrays, planar magnetic drivers, DSP integration. 
PMC wafers- remember being very impressed when I was in the entrance hall at The Stables by the sound coming from a panel on the wall. Apparently they're used by the BBC as well.