Allison Moorer - Mochingbird

If you liked Shelby Lynne's "Just a Little Lovin" CD, you'll love this one. Allison Moorer's new CD "Mochingbird" is so good you'll want to buy a second copy just in case. Barnes & Noble has her CD listed as "Country" but this isn't "another" Country artist. Both the Music and Sonics on this CD are first rate.
Boy, maybe I got a bad copy; mine sounds a bit flat, lacking in dynamic range. I like the music though.

Reminded me of Shelby Lynne's latest too.

Allison is Shelby Lynne's younger sister. She sings with her on a few cuts on another live CD I have of hers titled "Show".
How about that, I did not know they were sisters.
No wonder on some cuts their voice sounds almost identical.
Learn something new everyday.
Thanks for the info!
Thanks for the heads up,. I'll be going to Amazon immediately. I have really been enjoying Shelby Lynn's latest effort. The sound and production is wonderful. Joan Osborne has a couple of alnums that are also of this ilk.

Looks like we're seeing a trend here of neo/retro-soul artists putting out some good stuff. I wish Amy Winehouse's cd's sounded as good as Shelby's.

But, I have to ask... where are the sisters? What's up with all these white girls singging all the great soul music right now, (Josh Stone to name another). I love the funky dobo's and the alt country back beats but somebody in Detroit needs to come back from the dead and show the world how real soul music is done. Aretha, are you out there?
Wouldn’t it be cool if Allison and Shelby teamed up to do a duet CD… with a DVD of the recording session!!!! I got the Trinity Revisited CD/DVD by the Cowboy Junkies, and felt the CD sounded a little up side down… until I watched the DVD and realized the recording session was more a jam session than a recording session (which is exactly what the original Trinity recording was all about). What was really cool about watching the DVD was to see how they looked at each other after the song ended… without saying anything… until finally one of them would say… “that was pretty good”.
Mockingbird is very good, but found the production to be a bit spotty. Alison Moorer's compilation CD, "Collections", is also excellent and is sonically very good.
You should check out Queen Latifah's last two albums.
Great stuff, no kidding. Just what you are asking for.
Have listened to Mockingbird twice now. I thought the sonics good for the genre, but the music a little retrained. Two to look for in the approximate zip code musically (altish, folkish, countryish), are Shannon McNally and Sera Cahoone. Shannon might work for Shelby fans.

Muzikat... I heard Queens Interview on PBS radio when she was promoting her last album. It peaked my interest at the time but I forgot about it. Is she talented or what? Acting, comedy, hip hop, soul, talk show host. She can do anything and do it well.

I have also heard Mockingbird a couple of times now and am a little under whelmed but maybe it will grow on me as some cds like this do.

Go to UTUBE and copy and past the two titles below. This girl is an up and comer. She looks fantastic live but unfortunately, I thought her latest cd, “This is somewhere” didn’t really capture her at her best. Maybe a little overproduced and mainstream. I will definitely be trying to catch her live.

Grace Potter at the Boston Music Awards

Grace Potter and Joe Satriani cover Cortez the Killer

Happy Listening and keep the recommendations coming!