Allman Brothers - Live at the Fillmore

Anyone have a favorite version? LP? SACD? Redbook? Thanks.
LP - Mobile Fidelity Half-Speed Master Recording LP
CD - Ultradisc 24-Karat Gold Performance from Original Master Recording

I have not heard the newer release with the extra tracks, but the above mentioned lp and cd are excellent.
I've only heard the SACD. It sounds better than about 80% of the SACDs I've heard, and I have about 75 of them. Also, I burned the redbook portion (it's a hybrid) into the iPod, and that sounds pretty solid as well.
I use to have the MoFi Ultradisc, sold it after getting The Allman Brothers-The Fillmore Concerts on redbook. The MoFi sounded muffled to me. Just got Live At The Fillmore East on SACD, to my ears it is just as good at The Fillmore Concerts. On the Fillmore Concerts Whipping Post and Mountain Jam are back to back on one CD.

I have the Fillmore Concerts on Redbook and think it sounds great. This 2 cd set includes one version of every song they played during their March 12-13, 1971 stand at Filmore East, as well as extras. Tom Dowd produced the original LP as well as this version with the newer digital mixing equipment available at the time. I think it's the best sounding old ABB's I've heard. Some of their first releases sound horrible which is unfortunate because those are the albums that Duanne played on. I haven't heard the SACD.
Has anyone heard their latest CD 'Hittin the Note"? I think it's the best CD they've put out in a decade. Really good rockin with great sonics.
The most recent "Deluxe" edition is an excellent version, very nice remaster job.
I have looked at the SACD version and the "Deluxe Edition" at the store. Am I right or does the "Deluxe Edition" have more songs on it than the SACD version?
I was at my local Borders today and I compared the SACD edition of this recording with the "Deluxe Edition". The Deluxe Edition has several more songs than the SACD version.

If and when I buy this, I will go with the Deluxe Edition as I have found that recently remastered redbook CD's sounds just about as good as SACD's of the same versions. I would rather have more songs.