Allnic L3000A

I'm in search for another preamp with output impedance lower than 250 ohms. Sonically, it need to be better than the ARC Ref 3. I've narrowed down to the Allnic L3000A. However, i just can't get an audition due to where i live. Therefore, i look for opinion on how the Allnic L3000A compare the the ARR Ref 3 and others good preamps at similar price bracket such as VTL 7.5 Series 2, used Dartzeel or maybe a push of the budget for the Soulution
This preamp will drive McIntosh MC501s and Wilson Sophia 3 with Esoteric K03, Linn LP12 lingo, 17D3 cart and may also get Allnic H3000A
Thanking you in advance
I would not buy w/o an audition. I recently upgraded my preamp. Considered Allnic, DarTzeel, Lamm, ARC and Pass. Sounds like you are only considering tubes ? If you will also consider SS, you must audition the new Pass XP-30, 3 chassis reference preamp. I'm stunned by the sound and you can audition one w/o risk. That was a problem with Allnic, Lamm, Dart and ARC.
I picked up an Allnic L3000 pre this summer. I have an Edge 12.1 ss amp and have always enjoyed the mix of tube pre and ss muscle. I also have an Edge sig 1.1s.e pre and feel the Allnic is every bit as good if not better sounding when mated to the amp and it costs sig less than the Edge. Voice, instruments etc sound wonderful. In 2011 I traded my Moon 5.3 phonstage with power supply on an Allnic H3000 phono and was smitten. The current set up with the Allnic phono feeding the Allnic pre sounds excellent (I am considering selling my Edge pre). Contact Dave at Hammertone Audio, he is extremely helpful and does get units traded in (thats how I got both pieces)with buyer trading up to the DHT pre or phono with the variable eq.
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