Alnico Tweeter Replacements for Alon Vs

Does anyone know where I can get the Alnico replacement tweeters for the Alon Vs from a cheaper source than Alon? The cost for a pair by ALon is $800. I would need the tweeter model and manufacturer info.

How old are your speakers? What happened to the tweeters? Speaker companies using OEM drivers are famous for claiming that stock units are not the same. Unless it is built with proprietary technology, what you normally have are speaker manufacturers paying $10.00 for a tweeter and wanting many times the price for a replacement. Strange thing is that you can line up a hundred audiophiles who in all good faith will tell you that this is warranted. ThatÂ’s how you get to charge 40K for a pair of speakers, Better than neodymium is unobtainium, then you get into real serious money.
The tweeters are the original pairs and Alon offered an upgraded tweeter and woofer. My woofers are upgraded but I never did the tweeters. The newer tweeter upgrades have alnico magnet structures. I was hopig to find someone who knows who manufacturered the tweeters for Alon and maybe if they also know if there are really any differences or modifications that are significant.

Why does your system list Talon and B&W speakers, but no mention of Alon?

I have too many components including speakers to list under the system on Agon. Maybe at least 30 components, 10 speakers, 50 or more cables, etc. These were at my mom's home and she was using them with some older components, but she is selling her home to move to an active community, smaller home so I am giving her my old Kirksaeter monitors to use in the new home also not listed under my system. I upgraded the woofers a long time ago but may want to use them in another system or I may sell them. I wanted to know if I can get away with finding the mfg that supplies the tweeter so that I do not have to pay the $800 Alon charges (assuming there are no modifications to the tweeter units) and I was hoping for someone who may know this information.

OK? Happy Listening.
I own Alon 5 MK1 speakers and I have upgraded the midrange driver to the alnico driver a very nice upgrade I think. I also am thinking about upgrading the tweeters and woofers to the Circe alnico drivers. I think I saw that Alon uses a Seas tweeter that Alon mods and the midrange is a Vifa driver that Alon also mods. I understand that Seas and Vifa do not sell these to the public with the alnico magnet. I would also love to find a less $ drivers that have the alnico magnets but think Alon is the only place to get them . I need to save some money I want them for My Alon 5's. The alnico midrange was a big improvement over the mids the MK1 had 500$ for the mids 800$ for the tweeters and 1600 for the alnico woofers OUCH