Alon I woofer cone replacement

I recently damaged the cone of the 8" woofer of my Alon I speakers. I have tried to find Alonbyacarian dealers or to contact the manifacturer directly for repair, but they seem to have vanished into nothingness. I was wondering whether someone had any good idea/suggestion on how to solve this problem. Thanks.
Miller Sound in PA, contact Bill and he will hook you up. Alon is now Nola BTW.

Happy Listening
Alon is now Nola, contact Carl directly. Price may shock you, and that woofer may no longer be available. You may have to purchase a used one, what I had to do for some Alon II's.
Tristate Loudspeaker outside Pittsburgh (aliquippa). Fast and inexpensive. You may want to have both speakers reconed for looks?
Agree with Bigkidz. Bill Legall of Millersound is your man.

In fact, he IS the person who has pretty much always done the repairs for Carl Marchisotto of Acarian, Alon, Nola, whatever the name is or will be...