alon model 5 mk 2

what kinds of power amps and sp cables are you using for the alon
i am using the aq midnight 3 single triwire
please comment
thanks norman
Carl often uses Bill to do this work. Contact Bill directly and see if he will do it for less.
I dont know if this will help because I have the Viper 2as. I asked Carl about the Plinius 9200 before I bought it and he said it was compatible. It really sounds great with the 2as and I would recommend it wholeheartedly.
I own a pair of Alon V MKIIs and have run them with Pass Labs X-250 SS (not the .5 models), completely modified Halfer SS 200, modified Counterpoint hybrid (basic mod) SA-220 and currently use an old all tube Lafayette KT-550 about 50-60wpc. Each amp offered a different perspective on the sound. SS better bass control and slightly faster sound, the Counterpoint has a real magic to the sound, not as dynamic or as much pounding bass as SS or as much air but the tone is really something, and the Lafayette has more air, much more powerful bass and a neutral mid-range that really sound right. I also had a completely modified Sonic Frontiers Power 2 that really controlled the sound of the speakers but was not a match for sounding as real as the other amps. I only recently tried to tri-wire the speakers. The sound did open up in all areas. High frequencies became more extended and clearer, mids were more relaxed then before with better separation. I have used a 6 awg multi-strand wire form Home Depot that Bound for Sound recommend for the Pass X-250 and I never experimented until recently. Right now since the Lafayette has only screw terminals, I am using wire from the spool that you get from Wal-Mart. Still sounds good. I am on a hunt to a bi-wire or tri-wire set-up so any more suggests please. Mine look like the picture already posted to the link above. I did replace the original spikes which helped out on my placement on carpet. Nothing big but better. Bill at Miller sound says that he can get them to the next level with some tweaks but I am too lazy to give it a try right now.

Mitch and I corresponded a few years back and although I never had his issue, I did hear it a few times on various CD recordings once he mentioned it to me. I use a small sub that I barely even turn on volume wise and that also changed the mid-range on the speakers to be more open, free sounding, etc. I do mean barely on.

I recently compared the Alons to the early Merlin floor standing model with BAM (not super BAM). The Merlins sounded smaller in size overall but offered a very refined sound in the detail department. Instruments sounded more real. Overall I liked the Merlins but preferred the open and relaxed sound of the Alons. Note that I used a single run of the spool wire on both speakers. The Merlins opened my eyes up to finding a speaker that is as open as the Alons but more ral in the detail department. I am not sure what speaker can do that and have begun another journey to see what I can find. Bobby at Merlin says his newer versions do what I am asking but I do not see how they can sound as open as the Alons even with the upgrades plus I do not have the $$$ to do it anyway with the job situation, just trying to stay employed right now.

I have heard a lot of new gear recently at a local reviewers home and I have to say that it is eye opening. Unfortunately, room size is not in my favor.

I hope this was somewhat helpful and happy listening.