Alpha Core Goertz

Anyone else notice that their customer service is beyond unhelpful...but insulting?

I tried to order 2 banana plug terminations with them and one month later they've yet to send them. Dropped the order twice.

I'm selling these cables and working with a company that can help me. Too bad they lost my business for a $30 dollar order.

I found Alpha-Core cables non-linear properties simply FASCINATING.

It's a true champion on excessive capacitive reactance perhaps made to emphasize trebble.

Overall, the Alpha Core cables are excessively overpriced and definitely have design "glitch" to make phools believe that they "bring audible differences".

Nordost is another scam polygon. 



are you considering adding this brand of Cabling to your system?


Happy Listening!


Yeah, I was thinking (actually, I just bought a used pair on Audiogon) of adding a set of the Goertz MI-3 Divinity to the Bass section of my speakers. They are supposed to be 7 gauge.



I believe The Cable Company sells the zobel networks.  I am not sure they will sell them separate from a cable purchase or not.

This thread does not match my experience.  I ordered a set of Zobels from them a year or two ago and it was no problem at all.