Alpha Core Goertz

Anyone else notice that their customer service is beyond unhelpful...but insulting?

I tried to order 2 banana plug terminations with them and one month later they've yet to send them. Dropped the order twice.

I'm selling these cables and working with a company that can help me. Too bad they lost my business for a $30 dollar order.


Yeah, I was thinking (actually, I just bought a used pair on Audiogon) of adding a set of the Goertz MI-3 Divinity to the Bass section of my speakers. They are supposed to be 7 gauge.



I believe The Cable Company sells the zobel networks.  I am not sure they will sell them separate from a cable purchase or not.

This thread does not match my experience.  I ordered a set of Zobels from them a year or two ago and it was no problem at all.

ketchup and jetter,

Yes, I was able to order the Zobel’s from Goertz-Bridgeport Magnetics for $15+ $20 shipping. I should have them soon.

It’s just that no one that works there knows if they are bare wire, spades etc. I guess I’ll find out. And/or if they go at the amp or speaker end. How can they all be so clueless? Not to mention not very good at speaking English, it was definitely a challenge to place an order.