Alpha Core Goertz

Anyone else notice that their customer service is beyond unhelpful...but insulting?

I tried to order 2 banana plug terminations with them and one month later they've yet to send them. Dropped the order twice.

I'm selling these cables and working with a company that can help me. Too bad they lost my business for a $30 dollar order.


I believe The Cable Company sells the zobel networks.  I am not sure they will sell them separate from a cable purchase or not.

This thread does not match my experience.  I ordered a set of Zobels from them a year or two ago and it was no problem at all.

ketchup and jetter,

Yes, I was able to order the Zobel’s from Goertz-Bridgeport Magnetics for $15+ $20 shipping. I should have them soon.

It’s just that no one that works there knows if they are bare wire, spades etc. I guess I’ll find out. And/or if they go at the amp or speaker end. How can they all be so clueless? Not to mention not very good at speaking English, it was definitely a challenge to place an order.



They are about 4 inches long and the connection points are bare wire.  From my own use and reading they are usually used at the speaker end and one network is placed between the positive (+) and negative (-) ends of your terminals.

As you know, they are used to prevent amps from oscillation.  It is my understanding that only a few amp designs are susceptible to oscillation due to the cables.  But so easy to use I always used them.